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Frenectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the 'frenulum', done mostly for orthodontic purposes, usually inside the middle of the upper lip or under the tongue. It is performed in both adults and children routinely by Dental Surgeons.

This procedure is performed by qualified and experienced Dental surgeons and requires a great degree of precision. At Partha Dental Frenectomy is done routinely by highly qualified and experienced surgeons with very desirable outcomes.

Keeping pace with recent advances in Technology, Partha Dental has trained Surgeons, who have adopted the latest 'Laser Frenectomy' technique also as a part of their array of procedures.

Partha Dental Hospital / Clinic in its quest for perfection has emerged as the best centers for Frenectomy where one gets to see modern technology and infrastructure being used with a human touch. This blend of technology and expertise makes Partha Dental Clinic / Hospital a premier one stop shop for all dental procedures routine and rare.


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