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Tooth Whitening & Zoom Bleaching

Tooth Whitening & Zoom Bleaching

A set of clean and white teeth have always had a much sought after cosmetic appeal to person's personality and appearance. Discoloration of teeth are seen very often which is mainly caused by drinking Coffee, tea, wine, colas and smoking. The age factor can also cause discoloration of teeth.

Being a complete Dental Care Centre, Partha Dental Hospital / Clinics routinely recommend and perform teeth whitening procedures which are done by a team of Doctors who are specially trained to undertake this task. Partha Dental uses traditional methods of Teeth whitening which involves the use of certain reagents and water which remove discoloration of the teeth. Partha Dental has perfected the 'One-sitting' or 'single sitting' teeth whitening program which is comfortable and a time saver for the patient.

Having pioneered the concept of 'Smile design' and a host of cosmetic procedures, Partha dental has readily adopted the latest 'Zoom Bleaching" procedure at all its clinics / hospitals. The Zoom Bleach consists of a Gel used along with the Zoom light to remove discoloration and whiten the teeth. It is a safe and certified procedure and is done by the trained experts at Partha Dental.

Partha dental routinely does zoom bleaching in single sitting.

Cosmetic dentistry has been a strong point in Partha Dental's vision in achieving perfection in all they do in Dentistry and it's no wonder that they are labeled as the best dental clinic / hospital for all dental procedures.