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Advanced CAD CAM Technology

Advanced CAD CAM Technology

Partha Dental Hospitals offers Advanced CAD/CAM Technology for your perfect smile! CAD - CAM Technology is one of the examples of advancement in the field of Dentistry and takes the world of dentistry to a new level.

Advanced CAD CAM Technology

CAD - CAM is an acronym which means Computer-aided design/computer-aided Milling. CAD - CAM technology is used to help dentists and dental lab technicians fabricate precise shapes and sizes for dental restorations including inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. Partha Dental uses this technology to provide our patients with durable, esthetic, well-fitted single and multiple tooth restorations in a more efficient manner than available in most dental centers in quick time.

The first step in using dental CAD - CAM is tooth preparation. Next, an impression is taken, not in the traditional way, but a digital impression, that sends the prepared tooth's exact measurements into a computer.

At Partha dental, dentists and lab technicians use CAD - CAM technology to design the features, size and shape of the tooth restoration using a computer. The CAD - CAM screen displays a 3-D image of your teeth and gums, allowing your dentist to draw a precise design for the restoration of the tooth. A ceramic block, selected to match your specific colored tooth is mounted into the CAD - CAM machine, which fabricates the restoration in the milling chamber, crafting the ceramic material into a precise replica of your tooth to be restored.

Computer Aided Design and Computer Assisted Milling (CAD - CAM) eliminates issues in such areas as waxing, investing, casting and soldering, commonly seen in traditional methods which occur due to human error.

Precision milling of Zirconia from a Computer Aided Design ensures a stronger restoration with excellent Clinical outcomes. The evolution of CAD/CAM technology which Partha Dental has adapted, has taken us from a single crown to having the capability of fabricating multiple restorations of bridges, inlay bridges, cantilever bridges and implants in quick time. The possibilities are endless!


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