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Advanced Digital Diagnostics

Advanced Digital Diagnostics

Dentists with decades of experience will state that the dental profession has experienced a great amount of technological growth. While many lag behind in the adoption process, Partha Dental has integrated the Latest Technology into their day to day activities.

Digital dentistry may be defined as any dental technology or device that incorporates digital or computer-controlled components in contrast to the traditional methods.

Partha Dental's Vision statement seeks to adopt Modern Technology and make Dentistry affordable to all. In its quest in that direction, Partha dental has -

  • CAD - CAM and Intraoral imaging - both laboratory- and clinician-controlled
  • Caries diagnosis
  • Computer-aided implant dentistry
  • Digital radiography - OPG and IOPA
  • Electric and Surgical/implant hand pieces
  • Dental Lasers
  • Photography - extra oral and intraoral
  • Practice and patient record management
  • Shade matching Technology
  • Improved efficiency - both cost and time
  • Improved accuracy in comparison to previous methods
  • A high level of predictability of outcomes

Partha dental also realizes that adoption of Modern Digital technology is alone not enough. Training and skill development of Doctors is as important to actually get the full value of the device or procedure. Partha Dental has invested in continuous training of its doctors and Clinical staff in the use of such modern equipment and hands-on courses in these areas of technology.

Adoption of Advanced Digital Dentistry is an investment made as a policy at Partha dental. They realize when properly implemented and fully educated, the increased joy in practicing dentistry can be experienced, and better care for your patients can be delivered. The future of dentistry is now.