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Advanced High Quality Sterilization

Advanced High Quality Sterilization

Sterilization is the process that destroys all types and forms of micro- organisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and bacterial endospores. Major methods of sterilization include the use of steam under pressure (Autoclave), dry heat and unsaturated chemical vapor.

Advanced High Quality Sterilization

The standards of hygiene and sterilization techniques at Partha Dental are at par with international standards. All Partha dental Clinics are equipped with Modern and world class Sterilization equipment, along with a world-class patient friendly infrastructure.

Partha dental's network of dental clinics use sterilized drill units, gloves, drapes for dental treatments. In India, infection prevention and control in dentistry is governed by specific guidelines. Anything a Doctor at Partha dental uses in the mouth is either sterilized or is disposable. The Clinical Staff are trained in modern sterilization techniques supported by the modern equipment. Ultrasonic instrument cleaning systems are used for cleaning instruments. The clinics follow the highest standards in sterilization processes with best in class sterilization equipment.

A number of sterilization methods are available at Partha Dental. These include use of steam pressure (Autoclave), dry heat or unsaturated chemical vapor. The duration of sterilization, temperatures and other operating parameters are strictly monitored. Additionally, Staff at Partha Dental use the correct containers, wraps and chemical or biological indicators which are recommended.

At Partha Dental, due importance is given to Sterilization methods keeping in mind the paramount importance of patient safety. All centers of Partha dental are equipped with Autoclaves, Dry Heat Sterilizers, Chemical Vapor Sterilizers, Sterilization Chemicals, Glass Bead Sterilizers, and Ultrasonic Cleaners.

At Partha Dental, Patients are rest assured of a clean environment, safe practices and best in class Sterilization methods which are taken care of by highly trained Staff and Doctors.


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