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NRI Division

NRI Division

As a non-resident Indian, it is understood that you make a trip home, to visit your loved ones annually, which also doubles up as an opportunity to attend to the Dental health needs of your family. This applies not only to you, but also the members of your family who stay here.

Partha Dental is one such place which is fully capable of attending to your Dental Healthcare needs with all its infrastructure and efficiency in place.

Why Partha Dental?

  • "Partha Dental" is equipped with world class infrastructure at all its branches
  • The Dental equipment is comparable with the best in the world
  • Partha Dental possesses the latest Technology in Dental Care that delivers the same quality of Treatment as in other countries of the world
  • Partha Dental's team of Specialists are highly qualified and experienced
  • Partha Dental delivers high quality treatment keeping in tune with the high level of quality consciousness of the organization
  • Partha Dental has vast expertise, spanning 18 years and experience in treating International patients.

What are the steps I should take to save time?

Online Consultation

Partha Dental has introduced a Dental Online consultation. You could consult us the day you book you tickets for the trip to India.

Online chat facility

Partha Dental has an online chat facility. Specialists are available online to suggest and answer queries instantly. This facility is available during office hours, India time. In case queries are sent after Office hours, the same will be answered the next day.

Customized Solutions

Partha Dental Specialists will be in a position to offer answers and solutions to multiple problems and suggest Treatment schedules, number of appointments which would mean that your trip will be well planned and fruitful.

Time Frame of Treatment

Partha Dental has the expertise to ensure that your treatment can be completed within the timeframe you have set for yourself. In any case a week or a maximum of 10 days would be sufficient.

I would like to send my elders in India for Dental Treatment. What are the special facilities for them?

We understand that you are not in a position to take care of your elders on a daily basis. At Partha dental, arrangements have been made to suit their needs.

Elders or the Geriatric group of patients have special needs that should be taken care of. In fact, 90% of this group suffers from the inability to chew their food due to loss of teeth leading to multifold problems in general health condition.

Partha Dental has their own Dental lab equipped with the latest infrastructure comparable to any Dental Lab worldwide, which manufactures high quality artificial teeth.

These artificial teeth when placed ensure that the patient can eat properly, which in turn results in a remarkable improvement in the general health condition.

What about Follow up in such cases after we leave?

Partha Dental has a team of Executives including Specialists who will be following up on the cases and will be in a position to attend to any issue or problems that may crop up in the future.

The follow-up period is usually 6 months or 1 year depending on the type of Dental ailments they have.

You can be rest assured that Partha dental fully understands the special needs of the Elderly patients and will fully endeavor to keep them comfortable and problem free as far as Dental Healthcare is concerned.

Partha dental will be sending an update and report on the treatment the elders are undergoing and a note on the prognosis as well.

We are sure you will agree that attending to their Dental care needs would make a great difference to them and this would be a wonderful gift you can give as sound Dental Health ensures an improvement in the Quality of life and thereby the life span of the individual.

What are special arrangements for children?

One of Partha Dental's Super Specialties is Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry). Partha dental takes pride in the fact that many children with complicated problems have been treated here with excellent outcomes. While we understand that Child Dentistry is expensive abroad, In India it is economically priced and affordable.

Partha dental team of specialists is trained in attending to the special needs of Children. Appropriate equipment and materials are available for use in children.

Partha Dental is pioneer in Cosmetic Dentistry?

The science of Cosmetic dentistry is in identifying the problem and offering instant solutions which Partha dental has been doing since inception. Partha Dental offers the Best of Cosmetic dentistry to you within a short time period without wasting any time.

Partha Dental offers the entire range of procedures which come under the umbrella of Cosmetic Dentistry. At Partha Dental, we understand that some of the procedures are prohibitively expensive abroad, even though covered in Insurance.

The Concept of Smile Design, a set of procedures to give you a dazzling smile, was pioneered by Partha Dental. A Team of Highly trained and experienced Specialists attend to the patient. Partha dental has the entire Smile Design infrastructure in place well supported by their own Dental Lab.

What about Dental Implants which are being recommended now in many parts of the world?

Partha dental was one of the first to adapt to Dental implant technology. The Team of Surgeons and Implantologists have till date performed the highest number of Implants and have derived immense experience and expertise.

Partha Dental's team of surgeons have adopted a strict protocol for implant surgery which is why they have emerged as one of the best and highly successful Implant centers for affordable Implant surgery.

They have been extensively trained to handle all the different stages of implant procedure from start to finish and also handle any complications that may arise. The Doctors use the best grade and latest implants in their patients which have a high success rate

What are the facilities in place at Partha Dental for wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Extraction or removal of teeth becomes necessary when they can no longer be restored because of Dental trauma, Tooth Decay or Periodontal disease. Sometimes Wisdom teeth that are impacted also need to be extracted. A Local anesthetic drug is used to ease the pain during the procedure.

At Partha Dental, the team of Specialist Dental surgeons has perfected the art of painless Teeth removal. They are trained to handle single or multiple Teeth Removal and also handle any complications of tooth extraction. They have been successful in handling thousands of cases of complicated extraction procedures and have established themselves as one of the best teams in this specialty in dentistry.

Your experience at Partha Dental is bound to remove any kind of apprehensions or anxiety that you may have and it is Partha Dental's commitment that with 18 years of experience, modern infrastructure and a dedicated and highly skilled team of Doctors and Specialists, It is Excellence all the way with a personal touch.


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