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Bad Breath and Halitosis

Bad Breath and Halitosis

Bad Breath and Halitosis

Bad Breath and Halitosis is a condition or symptom in which a noticeably unpleasant odor is present in exhaled breath. Bad breath has many causes like dental caries accumulation of food lodgement poor oral prophylaxis,dental plaque, calculus, debris and other systemic diseases. Carcinomas, Diabetes and Renal failure can also cause Halitosis.

The comforts and facilities that a Clinic /Hospital can offer a patient go a long way in reducing anxiety particularly in a condition like halitosis because of the social stigma attached to it. Partha Dental Clinic / Hospital's Ambience has been created carefully to put all patients at ease. The Staff of Partha Dental too have been trained to handle all patient related work and queries with a great degree of patience and empathy. Trained Doctors at Partha Dental look into the patients problem of Bad breath and dental diseases.

Overall, Partha dental Hospital / Clinics can be considered as per reviews as the Best Dental Care Centre for all Dental problems, of any age group with their background and expertise they have through their policy of continuous improvements in Skill levels and technology adaptability combined with an unbeatable ambience and courtesy shown to all their patients.


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