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Dental Clip Treatment

Dental Clip Treatment

Dental Clips or Braces are used to align and straighten teeth with regard to a patient's 'bite' and also to improve Dental health.

Dental Clip Treatment

Partha dental's team of orthodontics super specialists has built up a huge reputation in this field and has adopted modern technology to aid them in their work. They have emerged as a highly successful and perhaps the best team of Orthodontics Specialists and have a lot of pioneering work to their name.

Partha Dental Hospitals / Clinics use not only the traditional metal wired braces, but also use the more sophisticated Clear/tooth colored/ Invisible braces, stainless steel or metal Braces, Lingual Braces, Titanium braces and all other types of appliances like Brackets, sockets and aligners.

Partha Dental Hospital / Clinic in its quest for perfection has emerged as the best centers for orthodontic therapy, appliances and treatment where one gets to see modern technology and infrastructure being used with a human touch. This blend of technology and expertise makes Partha dental Clinic / Hospital a premier one stop shop for Orthodontic treatment.


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