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Wisdom Tooth Extraction / Impactions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions / Impactions

Impaction & Complicated Extractions

Impaction is defined as the failure of a tooth to erupt into the dental arch within a specified time. In case of discomfort or pain, the tooth will need to be extracted or exposed surgically.

Dental impaction / Wisdom Tooth Extraction is very common occurence in todays world. Impaction surgeries are done routinely by experienced and trusted Surgeons at Partha Dental Hospitals / Clinics. Partha Dental does all types of impaction surgeries like Disto-angular Impaction, Vertical Impaction, Horizontal Impaction and Canine Impaction.

The pre-operative guidance provided by our trusted surgeons eases the patient mindset through the procedures. Surgeons at Partha Dental Hospitals / Clinics are well trained and experienced in handling all types of Impaction Surgeries and keeping up with Partha Dental's motto they try and keep it as painless as possible.

Equally important to the surgery is post surgical care and rehabilitation. Doctors at Partha Dental are trained to completely at post surgical care as well.

Partha Dental is capable of handling all procedures and surgeries with the infrastructure, equipment and trained doctors and staff which makes us most trusted dental chain.


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